Monday, January 7, 2008

Work Out


Resolutions of this year

1. Be more social...screw the Boston social scene rules I will say HI! first
2. Get rid of the Boston habit of asking "So what do you do for living?"
3. Get back to swimming
4. Acting and singing lessons.
5. Buy a car
6. Make it a green car
7. Travel (MORE)
8. Update my cell (I still carry a brick)
9. Gain an inch in my arms.
10. Get back to those French classes


  1. Hey, it is very nice that you have a blog now. I also got one (2, actually), but they are under re-construction. I will let you know when they are back "on air."

    I like your list of resolutions. They are original and creative. Are you sure you need a car? What about a zipcar?

    Anyway, keep writing and I will keep reading. Your blog is now on the list of my friend's blogs. Another thing: maybe you will not get many comments in here. Don't worry about this, I have learned that people do read the blogs but do not comment much.

    See you around!
    Alverson "Brilho" (Brilho is my nickname on the blogsphere)

  2. Like your risque pic and goals. heard you're going to Miami...? Happy B-Day, J

  3. Hey thanks for the comments....BTW It is a very secret agent meets online dating kind of picture! Now that I take a second look at it... but I had to show how good cooking your own foods and sticking to your resolutions can be...LOL YEAH RIGHT!