Sunday, January 13, 2008

To shed one's skin...

Nature gave us soft supple skins, and outer shells are just metaphors of our feelings. Shedding shells and skins to allow growth always leaves us vulnerable. But we are supposed to take the best of past experiences and learn, move ahead and look forward. I for once have shed a lot of skins and remain looking forward to developing many of my dormant (Hummm can't think of any right now...)(Crickets Chirping in my head)
Speaking of crickets they are a delicacy in Mexico, (well a species of grasshoppers) smoked and deep fried baby crickets called "Chapulines" Ok, ok left turn (cultural detour) for all you Latinos remember the TV Comedy " El Chapulin Colorado" well it is referring to the bit of Mexican Folklore...they do turn bright red like lobsters specially when fried.

Snails, Shell Fish, Mollusks and Reptilians all shed their form or undergo lets say "remodeling" of their outer protection.

I lived in Mexico several years as a child moving back and forward between Puerto Rico and Mexico was always a culture shock for those extended vacations. Once we moved for a period while my parents finished their doctoral programs and I finally got acclimated to my new identity as a Mexican...Little did I know that the great Mexican depression of the 80's was just around the corner and we would literally loose everything as their economical situation hung precariously on American sponsored scholarships and jobs. Both sources of income that were immediately nationalized and converted into the then worthless peso at a very convenient government regulated rate. The all accounts of foreign income were frozen. Well we returned to Puerto Rico once more only this time broke and with all the intentions of keeping up with the Jones's. We remained in our posh private catholic school and suffered a lot for being different, speaking differently and having such an enriched culture. I eventually learned after several problems , expulsion and a stint in a reform Montessori based school; that I was in deed worth preserving and polishing who I was. But I did learn a very valuable lesson...We humans are judged on first glances and different threatens the balance of commonality that binds societies at all levels. From "clicks" to Rotary Clubs, to Giggling gaggles we are all in it for the protection of the group and our "shells"; our appearance is all a complex form of communication. Moving through the fabric of life means letting go and assuming new forms of our selves. Blessed be diversity...

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