Sunday, January 27, 2008

Flatulence Fair

Famous last word at dinner...
Bean, Bean the musical fruit
the more you eat'
the more you toot!

Beans are very, very versatile and besides their noisy reputation, they are the main source of protein to many parts of the world. Mind, though, somehow those parts of the world are less given to the explicit musicality expressed by the developed countries, we fool ourselves into thinking we are no longer a bean society. One way or another, in the natural selection of our evolution we have developed an aversion to the mythical legume. While our ever increasing drive for consumerism drove us away from the humble rumble of the farm staple, the bean remains a corner stone of nutrition. Fancied as processed food, filler, protein source, cattle food, disguised in pseudonyms or exotic cuisines; the bean remains the bean. Re-fried, blended, pressed, sprinkled, "chillied", ice creamed or just turned into a dip. Today it can be found blatantly in your face in fast food, gourmet foods and even candy. But only when we hear of it as the main ingredient do we pale and flush all at once in the need to mention how unsuited our bodies are to handle the little Charro.

Crema Toscana
Canelli Bean Soup
2 cups Chicken Stock
2 Cups of Canelli Beans
1/2 Cup Heavy Cream
1/4 lb butter
1/8 cup olive oil

Spring of parsley
I may add a ham hock to salt it too
Salt to taste.

"@ Your freaking taste men..." just keep in mind all three spices are pungent.
Lemon few drops to balance pungency.

or Chiabatta thick Crust toast
dip thick slices in olive oil and balsamic
cover with Assiago cheese and broil

Chop all ingredients
After a quick saute in the oil and butter add Beans
Add Chicken Stock
Boil the hell out of all ingredients ( In low heat)
Add Cream
Use a hand blender and puree the soup
Serve and dress with the lemon drops,
some olive oil drops and parsley
and the tasty toast on the side.

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How to Re-fry beans a lo mexicano:

1 lb of any bean (Red Kidney or Black are best)
Sofetened in luke warm water overnight or Boiled or just canned
I like boiling them with Onions, Garlic, Epasote and a Ham hock

Puree the beans and boiling buddies. Aka Onions and such
Remove the Ham.
Use some of the water to maintain a soft consistency.
Adding the water to blender prevents paste from being flung around as dough.
Save remaining water as a thickener for soups.
In a cast iron flat skillet or a non-stick skillet pour a little oil, lard is the traditional thing or even tastier bacon grease.
Let the paste simmer a little in the skillet until steam bubbles break through the paste surface. Start folding (not stirring) the paste and allow for the steam to escape. Perfect refried beans fold to a paste like a fluffed dough ready to roll. Slide to the serving plate and sprinkle with Cotija Cheese.

You can save for a good three weeks refrigerated and use as spread.
Dip base if thinned a little.

Refried beans are used as "glue" that holds your Tacos and other Mexican delights from becoming undone and keeps the ingredients or stuffings from sliding onto your lap.
I love them in "Sopes" Half sliced "Teleras" a mexican fat short baggette of crusty bread.
Smeared with the refried beans and "Oaxaca" cheese (Aged Mexican Mozarella) broiled in the oven
or with their counterpart sweet Sopes smeared with Butter and Sugar and yes I do add the beans too.

Find Epasote and other products online at:

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kitty litter gossip colum

I think is time for me to bite the bullet and get a puppy. I have considered this for the last few years and I ceritanly miss having my pets. Cats and I get along from a distance and thou I like to pet them i can not stand the smell of their urine. I have several cat lover friends and reluctant owners who dearly love their cats but do anything under the sun to control that smell. Hiding the litter box in anyway they can. Opening wall holes for their cats private entrances to secluded sand boxes in the balconies or creating aerial walkways in the eves for their feline meanderings. I am personally inclined to get a dog but the condo association has not made their mind on pets issues. I would like a non shedding, short haired, medium small, non yapping, obedient, no odor and cuddly doggie.
Am I asking for too much?

Any recommendations?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Long time no see you!

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Kumar and Harold make it to White Castle
Is there a White Castle in Boston?

I have had many clients in the health field that suffer from several life threatening and chronic deceases.
They often use medically prescribed Marijuana, in many forms and have come to trust in me as a friend.
they remain my clients nonetheless we share the joy of cooking and talk often about their health and
their tricks for pain control and appetite stimulation. By the way The Melting Pott has two "TT" thanks
to a name registration glitch with my host.

I see many HIV clients and Cancer patients after and during Chemotherapy or Radiation Treatments.
Use medically prescribed Marijuana intended for this purpose and always consult with your medical provider
about the laws governing your state and any dietary changes you plan to implement.

Hemp Butter Cookies:

Melt 1lb of Butter on a Crock Pot
for about one hour. skim the solids and clarify butter.
Using a colander, strainer or large tea bag brew your Hemp,
dipp your Hemp (about two table spoons per 1/4 lb of butter) for two hours more.
Lowest setting of your Crock Pot
(Note you may need to find your correct dosage and retain that measurement)
Once it has been cooled to room temperature
let the clarified butter reconstitute as a solid in the refrigerator.
Dry Ingredients
1 and 1/2 cup sifted flour all purpose (Oat Flour ok)
1/2 table spoon of lavender flowers
1/4 vanilla bean
1/8 cup dried chopped pecans
1/4 cup sugar
Teaspoon Salt
Teaspoon baking Powder

Wet ingredients
1/8 cup of water (Luke Warm)
2 eggs separated
1/4 lb Butter (room temp)
8 oz milk whole (Soy ok!)

Boil the milk and vanilla bean scrapings set aside
Beat egg whites set aside
Beat the egg yolks set aside
Place remainder dry ingredients in a bowl and mix
Add butter to bowl of dried ingredients and hand mix
Using a cake spatula scrape mixture and add vanilla milk
Adding water as you mix means drops at a time to get the dough right.
Buttery crumbling balls is the right consistency (Hum like the sound of that)
Fold the egg whites

Pre heat oven to 275 degrees.
Place Wax paper on Cookie Sheet and Butter surface.
Place spoon size dollops of dough keeping spaces for the cookie to spread.
Brush the cookie tops with the yolks for glace.

Cook 20 min or until centers raise and crack
Set aside to cool and set on a rack transfer the paper by the corners.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Pie

I have a new friend (Lets call him "D") well I am uncertain of his friendship since we live far apart and our lives are very different. Nonetheless I like him and though we have not had the occasion to truly learn about each other I do not dismiss the possibility of developing a friendship.
The issue is that we are all going trough some life and career changes. This cross roads are not easy but to quote another friend "R" {life is good as long as it continues to change}. D has been sending sad messages and seems a little moody. Too bad since I am in such festive mood but I do understand him and certainly know the feeling. Another friend "M" had to go into his monthly hospital stay for infussion therapy, he has had a rough couple of years lately but his dispossition is a sunny as the skies here in Miami. "R" is working his ass off to keep up with the mortgages. D, R and M are letting go of a "former life" that defined them for whom they thought they were, and me...well...contemplating future life chages.
D, M and R lets dedicate a pie to you:

Vidalia Onion Happy Pie

1 large onion Vidalia Sweet (Thinnest slices you can cut)
1 Table Spoon of Vanilla (Or more...)
1 table Spoon of Flour (Wonder Mix)
2 Pie crust ( Pre-made is fine)
1 pint of heavy cream
2 eggs Separate yolk and Whites
1/2 cup of Sugar
1/4 Cup of Cream Cheese (Room temp)

Blend 1/2 pint Cream, Vanilla, yolks, and 1/4 Cup of sugar
Add more Cream if needed depending on your mix consistency.
Cook half the onions in sugary water( Let cool)
Add to blender and liquefy.
Lay the raw half of your onions in pie crust dust with Flour
Layer the slices with the custard mixture and repeat layers
Dusting with flour "MAY" keep your onion slices from sinking to a thick bottom layer.
Dust with Sugar also.
Yeah you are basically making a sweet Quiche
Cook at 250 degrees for half hour or until you can insert
a toothpick and pull it clean.
In a separate bowl mix the egg whites to soft peaks. ("Merengue")
Fold in the Cheese and remainder sugar (Except a teaspoon)
Take your cooked pies out of oven and let cool a little.
Decorate pie with small dollops of the Cheese mix and form small Peaks like ice cream swirls.
Dust with the sugar and return to oven to broil (Or use a Brulee Torch)
But only for a few seconds until the tips of the dollops brown.

Serve warm or cold with Ice Cream or Chevre Cheese.

"D, R and M" you seem to make sweet out of pungent few people can!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

No contaban con mi astucia!

For all of those leaft outside of the cultural detour here is an image of the famous "Chapulin Colorado"

To shed one's skin...

Nature gave us soft supple skins, and outer shells are just metaphors of our feelings. Shedding shells and skins to allow growth always leaves us vulnerable. But we are supposed to take the best of past experiences and learn, move ahead and look forward. I for once have shed a lot of skins and remain looking forward to developing many of my dormant (Hummm can't think of any right now...)(Crickets Chirping in my head)
Speaking of crickets they are a delicacy in Mexico, (well a species of grasshoppers) smoked and deep fried baby crickets called "Chapulines" Ok, ok left turn (cultural detour) for all you Latinos remember the TV Comedy " El Chapulin Colorado" well it is referring to the bit of Mexican Folklore...they do turn bright red like lobsters specially when fried.

Snails, Shell Fish, Mollusks and Reptilians all shed their form or undergo lets say "remodeling" of their outer protection.

I lived in Mexico several years as a child moving back and forward between Puerto Rico and Mexico was always a culture shock for those extended vacations. Once we moved for a period while my parents finished their doctoral programs and I finally got acclimated to my new identity as a Mexican...Little did I know that the great Mexican depression of the 80's was just around the corner and we would literally loose everything as their economical situation hung precariously on American sponsored scholarships and jobs. Both sources of income that were immediately nationalized and converted into the then worthless peso at a very convenient government regulated rate. The all accounts of foreign income were frozen. Well we returned to Puerto Rico once more only this time broke and with all the intentions of keeping up with the Jones's. We remained in our posh private catholic school and suffered a lot for being different, speaking differently and having such an enriched culture. I eventually learned after several problems , expulsion and a stint in a reform Montessori based school; that I was in deed worth preserving and polishing who I was. But I did learn a very valuable lesson...We humans are judged on first glances and different threatens the balance of commonality that binds societies at all levels. From "clicks" to Rotary Clubs, to Giggling gaggles we are all in it for the protection of the group and our "shells"; our appearance is all a complex form of communication. Moving through the fabric of life means letting go and assuming new forms of our selves. Blessed be diversity...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

IT'S MY BIRTH DAY, It's my birth day....Uhummm Uhumm...

Happy Birthday to me..Ha,ha!

I just had a day of (ME) started with a Cuban barber on 15th in Miami Beach. I forgot how loud we Caribbeans could be...screaming and yelling at the top of our lungs any insignificant conversation...I was hairier than Tarzan's Chip (Como la mona de Tarzan). A barber shave and beard trim "a lo" K.D. Lang and Cindy Crawford.

They are very gentle and caress you very gingerly while edging and shaving every corner of my face. BTW I did noticed that my skin is not as flexible anymore...(AGE!) Now were do I get a photo facial!

Let's see: Pork Shoulder Cuban Rub

Get the largest Pork Shoulder you can buy.
Make sure it has the skin on it.
Shave the skin under very hot water. (NO KIDDING)
Rub with (ADOBO) Pre mixed powdered seasoning (Goya) and Olive oil
Cut slits in the skin and stuff with garlic, Kosher Salt and Cracked pepper.
Cut slits in the meat and stuff with dry Bay Leaves.
Keep in the refrigerator overnight inside a plastic bag placed on a tray add Orange juice.

Next morning pre heat oven to 375 degrees
Place shoulder on a drip pan and into the oven, lower the heat to 300 degrees.
Depending on the mass of your shoulder chuck time accordingly. Use a Thermometer and read on recomended internal temperature. I leave at 300 degrees for an hour and lower to 250 for the rest of the day to slow cook. Keep basting.
Once your shoulder meat is tender (Fall off the bone tender) Braise skin side up using a broiler until the skin blisters.
Making a crackling covering the shoulder.

Serve with the Jalapeno Apple Sauce.

Friday, January 11, 2008

God thats ugly...but humm so good!

One ugly mushroom with awesome healing powers.
Pic borrowed from:

Sing along-"One bite makes you larger, one bite makes you hummm" "Feed your head"
Haaaaa College years...(Giggles)


2 Sticks of butter (ORGANIC) unsalted (Clarified butter works better but if you are careful with the heat and take a little more time melting the butter you can keep from burning the solids and at least for me the resulting product will have a rounder flavor)

So the basic reason for these recipes is to save food from going yuck in your refrigerator...specially those funky fancy mushrooms that become gump before you get them out of the shopping bag.

Butter can be used to melt, blend, store, conserve and brew flavors...I do not know if you have ever achieved leaving a stick o'butter rot. I am a fan of forgetting food in my fridge and finding little green monsters several months after...

Delicate flavors such as flowers, mushrooms, oils and yes Hemp (even the wacky weed) can be used long after their shelf life as a condiment when conserved in butter. Lets face it butter is also very handy as an ingredient...LOW FAT SHMOW SHMAT...Your body needs fat. Hello Cholesterol keeps your cells and skin from falling apart. Even bad Cholesterol. but keep this in mind moderation. BTW Butter beats TransFats anytime....Butters and milk products are subject to debate as for the antibiotics and hormones used with the cows in order to increase production. (Organic hopefully has none of those)


Prepare mold: Any plastic container that gives you the volume and the shape that is most utilitarian line the mold with wax paper length and width crossing the strips over each other leaving several inches outside of the mold (Over mold edge). Or just use your old Margarine tub. (Mind one thing the butter stick or roll works better because you can cut and measure future portions.

Fine Chop your Maitake Mushrooms
(Strong Flavored) and throw into the pot with the melting butter (LOVE CROCK POTTS FOR THIS)
add White Pepper, Garlic powder, salt, Bay Leaves let simmer for one hour, for light flavored mushrooms I recomed majoram and less pepper, no garlic... Let cool to room temp for 20 min. Pour into your mold (Aka: My Tupperware lined with two strips of wax paper) Place in cooler 1 hour take out of mold (Now you get why the strips are helpful lift the butter from the mold. Place the solid in a plastic wrap sheet and roll while is still cold. (Like a play dough roll)


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Start Middle Eastern and end with pig...Politically Paradoxical Gourmet!

Minced Turkey Tabbouleh (Taboolie)

1 Lb of Ground Lean Turkey
3 cups of finely chopped flat-leaf parsley
1/2 cup of finely chopped fresh mint
4 or 5 finely chopped spring onions (with the green parts)
4 ripe, medium size tomatoes, chopped into small cubes
1/2 tsp allspice (Sweet Pepper - "Pimienta Dulce")
1/2 cup lemon juice
5 TBS good olive oil
Salt and Pepper
1 Clove Garlic

This is my very own way to increase my protein intake and not notice.
The ground Turkey gets very dry when you cook it in a skillet (and that is how you want it!) express all the liquid and save for a stock (Hint hint!) Freeze it in a Ice cube's Tray I have all sorts of goodies stored like this from Pesto to Sofrito...VERY HANDY
Chop the hell out of all the other ingredients ( I like to add a little bit of fresh minced garlic when I serve this to guess but since garlic is healthy.. and since I have no bed partner adding a lot is good too...) Once all ingredients are minced and mixed, use a sieve or cheese cloth ( or just break the Bounty aka: sturdy paper towel) to drain the liquid (Since it is mostly from the tomatoes this juice would make a great apha hydroxyde peel). Then add the pepper, salt, allspice (Hey just a little of this stuff or your Taboulie will taste like Pumpkin Pie) Finally add the lemon juice and olive oil. Use it in everything from Lettuce wraps ( My Favorito!) to saltines or Tortilla Chips.

I am "blogging" away reading on politics and the coming elections...I do not discuss politics here but that does not mean I do not follow what is happening...after all the future of our nation and mine depend on the outcome of this elections...have I not heard that thousand times before...{YES} but never has it sunk sooo deep and meant sooooo much to me. BTW I am sitting here reading a fellow bloggie's political commentaries. The link is right above check him out he is cute, fun, but most of all a great writer with a very light and comedic way to say pretty outrageous things that get you thinking.

Much to my dismay I am kind of sick so dinner has actually been chicken soup and cheese flavored puffs (The kind you buy in bulk packages and I have come to forever know as "Southey Shrimps" (after an of color comment my friend M.F. offered a hostess at a "bleu collar" party in South Boston....)

Jalapeno Apple Sauce

1 Jar of Apple Sauce (Store) or Make your Own
1 or 2 jalapeno peppers, de-seeded, scored with fine slits (optional)

Ok Ok Microwave away but if you are an overachiever running away from your own demons (Like me) make your own and use it while it is still steaming hot...
Place the Jalapeno in the dead center of the jar with the sauce. Close the lid tightly and leave outside to cool several hours.
(Great on Roasted Pork Shoulder)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Work Out


Resolutions of this year

1. Be more social...screw the Boston social scene rules I will say HI! first
2. Get rid of the Boston habit of asking "So what do you do for living?"
3. Get back to swimming
4. Acting and singing lessons.
5. Buy a car
6. Make it a green car
7. Travel (MORE)
8. Update my cell (I still carry a brick)
9. Gain an inch in my arms.
10. Get back to those French classes

Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Favorite Recipes


Majoram Beet Borsh with a dollop of sour cream and caviar garnish

Make a base broth of beef or game meats wit very little salt.
Add broth beets, shallots and a couple of springs of Majoram (fresh).
Let cool o room temperature and remove the herbs. Blend Beets and shallot in the broth
Serve hot or cold with a dollop of Sour Cream and small amount of Belluga Caviar

Stuffed Poblano Peppers (Chiles en Nogada) (National Mexican Dish)

I lke them (Capeados) Seed and vein the chlies (Poblanos) cutting a small 2 inch slit after the skin has been chared to blister the waxy undigestible outer membrane (Works well for Bell Peppers also) Keep the gas down. Onced de-veined stuff them with either cheese or "Picadillo" (My favorite: Ground pork and veal, rasins, citron cubes, dried apricots diced and walnuts or pine nuts. Onced stuffed cover in beaten eggs and very little (Pinch) of flour mixture (Capeados means covered in a layer off..) Not breaded! Fry inmediatly. Cover in creme fresh and walnuts sauce and garnish with Pomaganets seeds.

Sour Cream Cheese Cake and Bittersweet Chocolate Lemon Leafs
(Sorry family secret)
Coconut Infussed CousCous.
Just stir in some unsweetened coconut flakes at the end stage of cooking...
Lets discuss this menu and share recipes...

Check out this link

The Flea Bath

Stray Cat
> >>>
> >>> I wish I had more time to write but all I do is deal with other people's complaints. Much to my dismay the results are always the same matter what you do, they are going to hate you...whether it is because of the price or the actual services this is a very unrewarding thankless job. But I find a certain satisfaction in it. No it is not the sadist in me, but rather the humanitarian. The one that keeps getting injured and finds the strength to raise above it all again and again. Yes! That one. You see I am very proud and when I am done with these disasters; I pride in their transformations. But it does take a lot from me, all that negative energy. Thank goodness I am a YES person...(Note to self: say yes a little less often)
> >>
> >> I was in Miami back in Novenber, for a respite, took a dive in a world nowhere near mine, and swam amongst the "it" boys ( the ones that usually don't know what to do with me). Funny enough I find my self again gravitating to the oddball. A tall but unimpressive nerd of a Clark Kent. Dressed in a drab grey T-shirt so washed out it has become translucent, big baggy hawaiian print grey shorts and sneakers of an uncertain color likely to have match his matted hair. ( AND YES) the trademark dorky reading glasses that desperately try to conceal the one thing that I found most attractive about him (his deep, wise and tranquil "oceanic" eyes) . I wonder again how this happend, but then again it must be a strong magnetism that binds me to this kind of guy: fun, free and careless...Very unlike my self, at least the one I have so painstakingly created. I know that deep inside I have more in common with this care free crazy character than I know and certaily more in common that with the cookie cuter gays in the festivities. Perhaps because that is the way my inner child is. (Of course it has been beaten in to submission, but never dead!) (Ahhh parents... they do a wonderfull job at that , don't they?...)
> >>
> >> God! How I loved basking in the strange light of these characters, I love them as they are and for all their errors, wrong things and ugly their imperfections. But do not be fooled, they are shooting stars, trail blazers, commets in direct course "mostly" to impact my heart. I long to be them and to be part of them but most of all I love to observe them. (From a safe distance were the light is warm and the finer details of their flaws are still unapparent.)
> >>
> >> Life has a funny way to imitate it self as in a game of forecasting. A Tarot of its own interpretation. I recently came across one such meteorites... actually I did excerpt a certain force field to knock it into a closer orbit, but instead I found my self in direct collision with the celestial vagrant. My own wonderfull Levi-Shoemaker event.
> >>>
> >>> But back to the art of life imitating itself...I recant one of many conversations we had were (and not because of wit but experience) I was able to pick out of the exact date of his birth and sign (Cancer). Yet another recurrent in my life. Funny that the constellation of Cancer found itself so near to its opposite Capricorn, near like the tropics and yet divided by an equator.
> >>
> >> Well that conversation evolved into this: (A bit of creative writing)
> >>>
> >>> After the initial collisions and invasions of each other's atmospheres, we unmasked each other as heavenly creatures do and rested in serene languid afterglows, no exceptions and no pretences. The perfect time to turn on our backs and expose our soft bellies... and having proved to each other that our bodies have in deed survived we open up our minds and let flow all that we could have never dared say.
> >>
> >> Everything except that four letter word that lingered in the atmosphere like a smog. Of course that given the zodiacal characters of each other is to be expect that: I would as usual not open my mouth to express much but let my mind take it all in, and the opposite seemed to have been true for that polarizing Cancer. Who, suffering from a benign vervorreah, spewed all that was in his mind regardless of the contents; unedited and raw yet never including that four letter word. I keep thinking of that quirk in Spanish that allowed me to express the exact feeling I had at that moment without freaking him out...but it does not exist in the pragmatic vocabulary of the English language. (TE QUIERO) But lucky for both of us that word never has to cross the threshold of our lips and just as the warmth of our afterglow starts to burn, mother nature took over.
> >>
> >> A cat whose presence I was (kind of) aware of, one that remained in the corner sheltered from our asteroidal shrapnell, decides to jump on to my chest and claim territory (Thank God it was not by spraying)
> >>
> >> - HI!
> >> She climbs over me like I am her personal scratch pole and cuddles to my chest as if I belong to her...
> >> -Cats... they are like that aren't they...
> >> -She was a stray I picked up with my friends, gave her a flea bath and food...left the door open all day in hopes she would walk out and continue her life but she has taken a liking to "moi" and stuck around. She is harmless and seems to be very afraid of the outside world...She just meowed at me and followed me around a clear sign she was meant to be rescued (he says).
> >>
> >> I lay in his arms half giggling half awestruck and in total comfort, the kind that no bed provides not even your favorite pair of slippers can match; and only once in a life time you may find....the comfort of not having to pretend, wonder or question your existance in that room. I admire him for that, pretentiousness and nepotism seem so far behind him.
> >>
> >> The cat gets tired of my heaving chest and moves to warmer areas to spoon in the nook of my arm pit. He takes the other hollow and gently dirfts off with a baby soft snore. No Tarot cards to read here...the signs are clear we are one universe if for only a moment and I know this is the kind of person I have searched for far and wide. I like it and I have no other expectations, no anxiuos urge to leave nor to stay. I am at peace.
> >>
> >> I never thought of my self a drift or astray. Actually I would have thought the opposite given my initial impression of him, I would have sworn he was the one being rescued. But I layed on that bed and realized much to my content that I had just been given that flea bath I so longed for.
> >

The Melting Pott...