Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Pie

I have a new friend (Lets call him "D") well I am uncertain of his friendship since we live far apart and our lives are very different. Nonetheless I like him and though we have not had the occasion to truly learn about each other I do not dismiss the possibility of developing a friendship.
The issue is that we are all going trough some life and career changes. This cross roads are not easy but to quote another friend "R" {life is good as long as it continues to change}. D has been sending sad messages and seems a little moody. Too bad since I am in such festive mood but I do understand him and certainly know the feeling. Another friend "M" had to go into his monthly hospital stay for infussion therapy, he has had a rough couple of years lately but his dispossition is a sunny as the skies here in Miami. "R" is working his ass off to keep up with the mortgages. D, R and M are letting go of a "former life" that defined them for whom they thought they were, and me...well...contemplating future life chages.
D, M and R lets dedicate a pie to you:

Vidalia Onion Happy Pie

1 large onion Vidalia Sweet (Thinnest slices you can cut)
1 Table Spoon of Vanilla (Or more...)
1 table Spoon of Flour (Wonder Mix)
2 Pie crust ( Pre-made is fine)
1 pint of heavy cream
2 eggs Separate yolk and Whites
1/2 cup of Sugar
1/4 Cup of Cream Cheese (Room temp)

Blend 1/2 pint Cream, Vanilla, yolks, and 1/4 Cup of sugar
Add more Cream if needed depending on your mix consistency.
Cook half the onions in sugary water( Let cool)
Add to blender and liquefy.
Lay the raw half of your onions in pie crust dust with Flour
Layer the slices with the custard mixture and repeat layers
Dusting with flour "MAY" keep your onion slices from sinking to a thick bottom layer.
Dust with Sugar also.
Yeah you are basically making a sweet Quiche
Cook at 250 degrees for half hour or until you can insert
a toothpick and pull it clean.
In a separate bowl mix the egg whites to soft peaks. ("Merengue")
Fold in the Cheese and remainder sugar (Except a teaspoon)
Take your cooked pies out of oven and let cool a little.
Decorate pie with small dollops of the Cheese mix and form small Peaks like ice cream swirls.
Dust with the sugar and return to oven to broil (Or use a Brulee Torch)
But only for a few seconds until the tips of the dollops brown.

Serve warm or cold with Ice Cream or Chevre Cheese.

"D, R and M" you seem to make sweet out of pungent few people can!

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