Saturday, January 12, 2008

IT'S MY BIRTH DAY, It's my birth day....Uhummm Uhumm...

Happy Birthday to me..Ha,ha!

I just had a day of (ME) started with a Cuban barber on 15th in Miami Beach. I forgot how loud we Caribbeans could be...screaming and yelling at the top of our lungs any insignificant conversation...I was hairier than Tarzan's Chip (Como la mona de Tarzan). A barber shave and beard trim "a lo" K.D. Lang and Cindy Crawford.

They are very gentle and caress you very gingerly while edging and shaving every corner of my face. BTW I did noticed that my skin is not as flexible anymore...(AGE!) Now were do I get a photo facial!

Let's see: Pork Shoulder Cuban Rub

Get the largest Pork Shoulder you can buy.
Make sure it has the skin on it.
Shave the skin under very hot water. (NO KIDDING)
Rub with (ADOBO) Pre mixed powdered seasoning (Goya) and Olive oil
Cut slits in the skin and stuff with garlic, Kosher Salt and Cracked pepper.
Cut slits in the meat and stuff with dry Bay Leaves.
Keep in the refrigerator overnight inside a plastic bag placed on a tray add Orange juice.

Next morning pre heat oven to 375 degrees
Place shoulder on a drip pan and into the oven, lower the heat to 300 degrees.
Depending on the mass of your shoulder chuck time accordingly. Use a Thermometer and read on recomended internal temperature. I leave at 300 degrees for an hour and lower to 250 for the rest of the day to slow cook. Keep basting.
Once your shoulder meat is tender (Fall off the bone tender) Braise skin side up using a broiler until the skin blisters.
Making a crackling covering the shoulder.

Serve with the Jalapeno Apple Sauce.

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