Sunday, January 27, 2008

Flatulence Fair

Famous last word at dinner...
Bean, Bean the musical fruit
the more you eat'
the more you toot!

Beans are very, very versatile and besides their noisy reputation, they are the main source of protein to many parts of the world. Mind, though, somehow those parts of the world are less given to the explicit musicality expressed by the developed countries, we fool ourselves into thinking we are no longer a bean society. One way or another, in the natural selection of our evolution we have developed an aversion to the mythical legume. While our ever increasing drive for consumerism drove us away from the humble rumble of the farm staple, the bean remains a corner stone of nutrition. Fancied as processed food, filler, protein source, cattle food, disguised in pseudonyms or exotic cuisines; the bean remains the bean. Re-fried, blended, pressed, sprinkled, "chillied", ice creamed or just turned into a dip. Today it can be found blatantly in your face in fast food, gourmet foods and even candy. But only when we hear of it as the main ingredient do we pale and flush all at once in the need to mention how unsuited our bodies are to handle the little Charro.

Crema Toscana
Canelli Bean Soup
2 cups Chicken Stock
2 Cups of Canelli Beans
1/2 Cup Heavy Cream
1/4 lb butter
1/8 cup olive oil

Spring of parsley
I may add a ham hock to salt it too
Salt to taste.

"@ Your freaking taste men..." just keep in mind all three spices are pungent.
Lemon few drops to balance pungency.

or Chiabatta thick Crust toast
dip thick slices in olive oil and balsamic
cover with Assiago cheese and broil

Chop all ingredients
After a quick saute in the oil and butter add Beans
Add Chicken Stock
Boil the hell out of all ingredients ( In low heat)
Add Cream
Use a hand blender and puree the soup
Serve and dress with the lemon drops,
some olive oil drops and parsley
and the tasty toast on the side.

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How to Re-fry beans a lo mexicano:

1 lb of any bean (Red Kidney or Black are best)
Sofetened in luke warm water overnight or Boiled or just canned
I like boiling them with Onions, Garlic, Epasote and a Ham hock

Puree the beans and boiling buddies. Aka Onions and such
Remove the Ham.
Use some of the water to maintain a soft consistency.
Adding the water to blender prevents paste from being flung around as dough.
Save remaining water as a thickener for soups.
In a cast iron flat skillet or a non-stick skillet pour a little oil, lard is the traditional thing or even tastier bacon grease.
Let the paste simmer a little in the skillet until steam bubbles break through the paste surface. Start folding (not stirring) the paste and allow for the steam to escape. Perfect refried beans fold to a paste like a fluffed dough ready to roll. Slide to the serving plate and sprinkle with Cotija Cheese.

You can save for a good three weeks refrigerated and use as spread.
Dip base if thinned a little.

Refried beans are used as "glue" that holds your Tacos and other Mexican delights from becoming undone and keeps the ingredients or stuffings from sliding onto your lap.
I love them in "Sopes" Half sliced "Teleras" a mexican fat short baggette of crusty bread.
Smeared with the refried beans and "Oaxaca" cheese (Aged Mexican Mozarella) broiled in the oven
or with their counterpart sweet Sopes smeared with Butter and Sugar and yes I do add the beans too.

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