Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trial and error...

I just got done with part of the kitchen remodeling. Finally! And eventhough I have no running water yet, I decided it is time to have my friends over for dinner. What an error, lets say that after several failed attempts at hosting a dinner I gave up. Good thing it is restaurant week here in Boston. I did have one almost sucessfull dinner party. (Thank you R+E for not throwing back at me the cold soup and warm salad) Actually even cocktails have been a somewhat frustrating event, given that after that dinner party and camping out at a friends house. I came back to an overflowed 4 days old busted and fully loaded dishwasher.(Thank you B+C for not noticing that I had to do an emergency cleanup of all my china in the bathtub) I swear I do clean them individually in the bath sink as I use them.

Crema Rusa(Creamy Borsh)

Prepare a base of beef (Veal) stock 4 cups
Add sliced beets about two large tubers(1 cup)
Save some fresh slices for later
1 pakage of cream cheese
1 Whole onion
several springs of Majoram
Dash of white pepper
Boil the beets and onion in the stock until very tender add salt, pepper and the majoram
Let simmer in low heat for 15 min remove the springs of majoram, no need to strain all the leafs. Add the remaining fresh beets to brighten the color. let simmer for 5 min and add the cream cheese. Carefully transfer to a blender or use a handblender to liquify. Serve with a dolop of sour cream and black caviar. Do not add salt as the caviar will be salty. No better way to have caviar. I like adding a sliver of Roasted Poblano and a cutting of the Majoram to the presentation. And like to follow it with pickled garlics and other pickled preserves with a very cold shot of good Vodka.

Scallops in Saffron (Vieras en Azafran)
Two Sticks of butter
1 lb jumbo Bay Scallops
Dash White pepper
Pinch salt and sugar
1 oz Saffron
1/4 cup Chardonnay Wine
1/4 cup Heavy Cream
2 Kaffir lime Leaves or Zest of an Orange 1/2 teaspoon

Prepare a Rue of butter and flour set aside.
Braise the jumbo scallops in hot butter and a drop of oil to avoid burning the butter, about a minute each side.
Deglase the skillet with Chardonay and the lime leafs, meantime on a small skillet toast your Saffron.
To the saffron add a 1/2 cup of cream and let simmer in the remaining heat turn the bruner off. Once deglassed the pan separate the liquid and stirr the Rue, add the Saffron Cream and wisk continiously. (Add a pinch of salt and sugar)

Serve the sauce in a flat plate, add bitter herbs like Dandelion Greens or better yet Water cress (Berros), place your scallops over the sauce and the greens on top or by the side.

Ensalada de Granos

Any grain pre cooked and strained
(Wild rice may be too strong flavored for this)
Any white beans
Fava Beans
Butter Beans
lemon juice
Olive oil
Rose water
Mix all serve cold with some green grapes.

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