Tuesday, March 25, 2008

And the hard days keep coming.

Days get warmer and the economy gets harder.
The pollen starts dusting the window sills
and the sinus infections begin.
All the entire greatness of nature awakens and so do the cabin-fever sleepy heads; hungry and anxious.
So is no surprise that my patients have been coming with ever increasing problems. Problems that were put aside through the colder months. Now those problems also wake up and therefore here I am going crazy trying to solve them.
What to cook and what to eat no time for kitchen and no time to even sit down to eat.

Never underestimate the power of readiness, in a time of portion controls, diets and home delivered meal plans.
Having a little something available to eat, carry and pack ahead of a long and arduous day.

Peanuts, Almonds, Raisins, beans all Protein packed and easy to cook with or carry.

Easy pack meals can be frozen ahead and keept for later lunches.

Here is one:

Chicken (Not quite) Piccata

Brown your chicken breast or Thighs on a skillet until each side is golden brown.
Use a smaller lid to weight the chicken pieces and reatin heat evenly cooking the centers but not overdrying them(About 5 min each side at med high heat)

In a separate skillet clarify two tablespoons of butter in a dash of olive oil.
Carfull not to brown the butter and to skim the solids.
Add the juice of two lemons, dash of sugar, pepper and capers
Let simmer a bit 2 min low heat, add a can of white beans with the water of the can. (Any brand)
Chopped fresh parsley and little garlic.
Continue to simmer and use a slothed spoon to press some of the beans against the skillet so to make a sauce.

Dump the chicken in it and serve. taste for acidity iof too acid add some pinches of sugar.

Serve hot or separate into portions and frezze.

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