Thursday, March 27, 2008


How to cook duck great little link: Duck served with a thick layer of fatty rubbery skin YUMMM...? I often call it to the faces of the so called great chef/restauranteurs of Boston: -"Darling your Shoe a la Orange was devine I will run the next marathon using your resecipe pal".

I like this link finally someone got the one , two , three approach to Dcuk berast and did something about it.

The whole secret is to cook the breast slowly on its skin so that the fat has a chance to render, or melt out of the skin. Once the skin has lost much of its fat, it will not only shrink in size, but will then become crispy. Patience is indeed a virtue.

Medium / High
Salt and pepper skin
Skin side down
-approximately 12 - 14 minutes
Drain off excess fat as desired, until skin is crisp and rendering stops.
Option A or B:

A. Grill
Grill 1 Minute Skin Side
Grill 1 Minute Meat Side
(or as desired)

B. Pan
Cook Meat Side Down
- 45 Seconds for Medium
- 60 Seconds for Well Done

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