Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ughhh what a day

Today was a long and draw out day...But I had a wonderful end to it.
I got to work on a client whom we all love and adore,
to bad he is taken and too bad he is a client and too bad he is the ex of an ex.
Can not wait to finish your case so we can concentrate in our friendship.
I also ended up at an opera recital with the now ex of an ex.
Hum! Recurrent theme here.

Thank you both for a wonderful end to a very hard day.
For you both S and Z : a quick and healthy salad.

Mexican Slaw

Julienne JICAMA (Mexican root vegetable very available in the supermarkets now)
Only the white flesh
Cut pineapple in small chunks
Mince cilantro
Mince Onions (very few and very small)
Julienne Apples
Julienne carrots
Mince Serrano peppers very fine chop no seeds no stems
(Add as much or little as you can take)
Remember hot in hotter out!
2 limes
One small container (4 oz) plain yogurt (Greek preferred)

Cut thin spears of the root vegetables and apples
Soak in the lime juice
Shred the Cilantro leaves and cut the sweet onions
Add the measured amount of cut Serrano pepper ( Smoky but with a great tanginess)
Mince all none root vegetables in a food processor
Add the pineapple chunks and lower the speed of the food processor
Mix with the marinating root vegetables
Add the yogurt to thinly coat not drown the fruits
add a bit of salt

Great stuff after a workout or after a run.

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