Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lobster Dinner Mess!

I was presented with the challenge of fresh lobster dinner as a New England staple to satisfy the curiosity of two lovely German tourist visiting my boyfriend. We walked the whole extend of Faneul Hall and Hay market to make it to the famed Union Oyster House of course that in it self is no challenge. Finding good creative Lobster Dinners for cheap was, further more finding that in the middle of the St Patrick's day we are talking impossible. So the ever resourceful kitchen jock I decided that we could do our own. So I ventured out in to the cold found a supermarket that carried lived lobsters and set out to prove to this Germans that we in America can be generous host. (Trying of course to make for what terrible guest we are abroad) (Uhhnmm on second thought so are the Germans "
Terrible Tourist that is") Well this ones as I mentioned were very grateful and gracious. They were even cute, mind you I am dating a Kraut as well but they are not know for being warm, cute and cuddly. (Achtung!)This two were newly wed and still linked telepathically by a series of "humms" and "hamms" that a various rhythms and pitches made complete sentences of surprising complexity and candor. Writing about this secret yet totally understandable language is quite impossible but one can only equate it to an early developmental quirk in the language acquisition phase of an infant. And perhaps this series of hums and semi-breathless squirms is what we can all trace back to the ancestry of all languages. Interesting as a theory nonetheless way to cute for my jaded self to muster. Lets call this two adorable care-bears A and C.

For C and A here is the fabled recipe of your New England Lobster Chowder and all the yummy peripherals. Hope your baby is healthy and that your cravings stop at lobster. Wouldn't want to run the city for you looking for pickles.

1 kilo of Bacon
4 Medium Size Lobsters
Salt both to taste
One Whole onion diced
One Leek Stem Cleaned and diced
1/2 Litter of Cream
Pinch of White Flour to thicken the Broth
1 Cube of Chicken Broth Concentrate
1 Glass of White Rhine Wine
1 Glass of Gin
Gin Berries (Juniper Berries) if available (8)
1/4 Kilo of Butter
One whole corn ear
One Whole Potato

Keep your lobsters in freezing cold tap water this will put them in a trance like state making them easy to handle. cut the rubber bands on the claws.

In a large and deep pot boil the lobsters in scalding hot water. Once they have turned completely red drain 1/2 the water and add to the pot the Gin and the Juniper Berries. Steam them lid closed for several minutes. They should be lightly flavored by the Gin.Save the remaining lobster water and Gin broth.
Set aside your lobsters and let cool.
Cut the corn in several chunks, save for last.
Dice the Onion, Leek and the Potato.
Fry the bacon in the bottom of the large empty pot do not fry to a crisp or burn.
Add the vegetables and sweat in the bacon grease add half the butter.
Separate the legs and torso of the lobster keep the coral (Bright orange pink substance) aside. Break open the thin legs, save all the shells. Set aside the claws and the tails.
Chop the torso.
Add to the pot of mixed vegetables and bacon; the chunks of shelled lobster and the legs, avoid small shell pieces.
Add the broth and a cube of the chicken concentrate to the mix.
Let simmer in low heat for an hour or more.
Add the Cream and corn.
Season with salt and pepper.
Thicken with a rue of flour and butter.
Serve with a sprinkling of parsley and the claws.
Save the tails for later dishes.

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